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University of Phoenix is a for-profit university that offers certificates and degrees in over 100 certificate programs and degree programs at all levels. As part of an entire site redesign, my team and I reimagined to become a self-service and personalized student experience.


UX Designer


6 Months



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The University of Phoenix disrupted higher education.To this day, the school is still best-in-class at bringing together the experience and credibility of a traditional institution and the flexibility that working adults need in order to achieve their life goals.

We needed to create a website that demonstrates this story to prospective students at different stages of their journey back to school.

In addition, we had an opportunity to re-establish UOPX as a leader in the education space with a design system and digital presence that:

-Feels modern and intuitive
-Pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional education
-Invites and encourages prospects to explore


University of Phoenix and our team collaborated closely together to design and build various experiences across different topic areas and disciplines. I focused primarily on areas within the .EDU redesign but also supported other areas such as content strategy and establishing UX rules in the Digital Design Library.

The Strategic Approach


First, we needed to understand who our user's were and what their motivations, needs and painpoints were in order to build a tailored experience that solved their problems. Together with the University of Phoenix, we conducted a number of research studies that helped us understand our users.

Information Architecture + Navigation

Site Search

We wanted to create a site search experience that enhanced findability and scannability. To do this, we needed to create a system that could dynamically change the layout of a result set based on the level of specificity of a search term. I created this search matrix that highlights variations of module layouts based on how general or specific a search term is.
I mapped this strategy out for various types of content to show the range of personalization.

Pages + Program
Finder Tool

Using the foundational page table above, I built templates for pages such as Degrees, Programs, Areas of Study and Field of Study. For each template we created, we followed the same process of auditing the current page and then creating a number of wireframe iterations and then the final design. We worked closely with the team at UOPX to make sure their business and users needs were being met. Below is an example of the template we built for the Field of Study.



Final Design

In addition, we created a program finder tool to help bring simplicity and transparency to help narrow down programs relevant to prospective students. We created a number of size variations of the module so that we could strategically place them on pages that were either hi or lo funnel of enrollment propensity.

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