I create meaningful experiences that feel like magic.

I'm Stephanie, a Seattle resident and Louisiana native. I'm a Product Designer with a background in urban planning. Design is my passion and I'm inspired by Bauhaus, Olmsted and Istanbul.

When I’m not working, you can find me getting a thai massage, adding extra hot sauce to my gumbo or hiking in the mountains with my pup.

I'm more of a generalist but I specialize in a few things.


I like to utilize my macro-thinking skills to design a holistic experience. I lean on research insights to tell me how users navigate and think about structure and pathways.


I get way too excited when it's time to translate an idea onto paper. I start by sketching a concept and when it feels right, I'll bring it over to the digital side. I can wireframe on all scales: lo-fidelity greyscale boxes to hi-fidelity mockups.

It makes a world of a difference when you're able to see the concept come to life. I'm always thinking of ways to add little delightful moments to improve experiences.

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